Issues with this company


Reviewed by: Caroline from Hyattsville, MD
Rating: 1.0
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Barefoot Spa 77LM
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Issues with this company


From day one we had issues with this company. Our hot tub was delivered on to our deck which they included for free, but the scheduling of this delivery was completely screwed up. They arrived at my home over 2 hours later than they said. I didn’t even get a chance to ask them questions. Apparently they were in such a hurry to get to the next customer who I’m guessing was also experiencing delays. When I asked why they were late, they said they give a time window. They showed up at the very END possible minute of the time window they provided. So that’s not late???? Guess what? IT IS LATE!!

I don’t like having to play phone tag or email back and forth with questions either. I like face to face interactions with a company!! I am not happy the delivery driver didn’t take just a little bit of time to explain to me how it works and show me some things. It’s just really unprofessional of him. To make matters worse, two of my jets did NOT WORK!!! Like nothing was even coming out of them. NO water, bubbles, nothing. Of course, I did not notice this until the driver was long gone. When I called they told me I have to twist the jet to adjust the flow of water. Why should I have to do this? If you sell me a product that doesn’t wok, then come out and fix it! My son ended up doing the twist thing they tried to get me to do, but still, I paid a lot of money for this hot tub, and sorry, but I expect a higher level of customer service and accommodations especially from a company that makes a high end product like this. Very disappointed so far in this company and my experience thus far.

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2 Replies to “Issues with this company”


    Dear Caroline,

    We are sorry to hear you had so much trouble. We looked up your account, and looks like you bought from one of our authorized retailers. Anything in terms of delivery/purchase should be directed to them as we are the manufacturer of the spa, not the dealer.

    About the “jet twisting”. This is normal. Each one of the jets has a way to manually control the pressure and water/air flow at the face of the jet by simply twisting the jet clockwise.

    Sometimes, when a product is brand new like yours, the jets get stuck upon first fill. Thank your son for us for taking care of the issue. You should not have that problem moving forward as we typically only see that issue on the first fill. Keep in mind, if it does happen again, this sort of adjustment is considered regular maintenance and will be the responsibility of the owner.

    1. Thank you. We have not had any issues with the jets getting stuck since, and we’ve drained and refilled once since then.

      Where do I get replacement filters for my hot tub, and how do I figure out the part number of the filter so I can order a new one?

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