Barefoot Spas Reviews by Model Number

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B-Series 57LB

(1 Review)
With the versatility of running either 120v or 240v configuration, along with it’s compact size, the 57LB is ideal for indoor or outdoor installation. Read 57LB Reviews
B-Series 77LB

(0 Reviews)
The 77LB is spacious spa with seating for 6 people providing dynamic hydrotherapy in every seat.
M-Series 77LM

(15 Reviews)
The 77LM is a mid sized spa offering jets configured to provide massage for all parts of the body. Read 77LM Reviews
M-Series 77NM

(5 Reviews)
With capacity for 7 adults, each of the 77NM’s seating positions are designed to provide a unique therapy experience. Read 77LM Reviews
M-Series 88LM

(9 Reviews)
The 88LM is an 8×8 spa featuring a lounge seat, and strategically positioned massage jets. Read 88LM Reviews
M-Series 88NM

(0 Reviews)
The 88NM is an 8×8 spa with room for 7 people featuring an open style layout.
P-Series 57LP

(13 Reviews)
The 57LP is a compact sized hot tub with room for 2-3 people. Contrary to it’s small size, the 57LP has big and robust features. Read 57LP Reviews
P-Series 77LP

(13 Reviews)
The 77LP is a 7×7 spa with an extensive list of full therapy features including a full body therapy lounge seat. Read 77LP Reviews
P-Series 77NP

(8 Reviews)
The 77NP is a 7×7 spa with room for 7 people offering full hydrotherapy, and dual neck and shoulder collars. Read 77NP Reviews
P-Series 88LP

(16 Reviews)
The 88LP is an 8×8 spa with advanced therapy features and room for 6 people. Read 88LP Reviews
P-Series 88NP

(12 Reviews)
The 88NP is an 8×8 spa with a full list of therapy features including dual neck and shoulder collars, and room for 7 people. Read 88NP Reviews
P-Series FS11

(3 Reviews)
The FS11 is an 8×11 spa with with full therapy features and room for 8 people.
SS-Series FS8

(3 Reviews)
The FS8 is an exercise swim spa in a compact design featuring both aquatic exercise, and therapeutic benefits.
SS-Series SS12

(9 Reviews)
The SS12 is a premium 12 foot swim spa featuring 3 therapy seats and a mid-sized exercise area with enough room for swimming and water aerobics. Read SS12 Reviews
SS-Series SS13

(0 Reviews)
The SS13 is a compact swim spa offering hydrotherapy and enough power for full exercise benefits.
SS-Series SS15

(0 Reviews)
The SS15 is a premium mid sized swim spa equipped with enough power to fuel any exercise routine.
SS-Series SS17

(8 Reviews)
The SS17 is 17 feet in length and provides enough space to accommodate people of any size and enough power for any swimming level. Read SS17 Reviews
SS-Series SS19

(1 Review)
The SS19 is 19 feet in length and features dual zones; one zone for hot water therapy, and the other with enough power to meet all exercise and swimming needs.
Barefoot Spas is a top rated manufacturer of premium hot tubs and swim spas. Handcrafted and assembled in America, Barefoot delivers precision through meticulous engineering, and stringent quality control. Barefoot spas has become a leading hot tub and swim spa brand due to a commitment to ingenuity and innovation. Through the use of advanced technologies, Barefoot designs sophisticated features that enhance user experience and product longeveity.

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