Barefoot Spas

About Barefoot Spas Brand Hot Tubs and Swim Spa

Barefoot Spas is a leading manufacturer of premium hot tubs and swim spas. Built in an advanced facility in Richmond, Virginia, Barefoot Spas boasts some of the best features you can find in a spa. Meticulous engineering, and hand crafted construction coupled with a commitment to ingenuity and innovation, results in a highly sophisticated spa 100% American made, and built to last.
Barefoot Spas

The History of Barefoot Spas

Since the brand was first created in 1975, Barefoot Spas has continued to perfect the customer experience. Barefoot spas is one of the largest manufacturers on the east coast, and throughout it’s history, has received several awards for product quality, energy efficiency, usability, and customer service. Today, Barefoot spas offers a full line of hot tubs and swim spas through several distribution channels including retail market places, online, and factory direct spa show events.

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    1. Yeah, I heard they are one of the largest manufacturers on the east coast. I don’t know how they go about comparing that sort of thing though becuase I know barefoot doesn’t have a lot of stores where you can walk in and buy one.

      1. Barefoot spas distributes mostly factory direct. You can even do a tour of their factory in Virgina if you live close enough. I spoke with the sales manager about it. That’s how I know.

    1. Hi Paul. What hot tub are you talking about for 23 grand? Barefoot spas? We didn’t pay that much for ours.. It was expensive but not THAT expensive!

  1. Barefoot spas sells direct from their factory. You can also buy online. They didn’t have the online option when I bought mine, but my brother went to their website to buy his. They shipped it for free too. He lives in Florida.

    1. Hi Kevin. I am looking at getting a barefoot spa for my parents. They live in Colorado. I know that is far from the barefoot spas factory in VA. How do they ship them? Do you know?

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