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Reviewed by: Juan from Temecula, CA
Rating: 4.5
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Barefoot Spas 88NP
88NP spa by barefoot spas
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barefoot spa Barefoot Spas 88NP:
Being in quarantine or lock down or whatever you wanna call it from COVID, we started using our 88NP spa by barefoot spas a lot more than usual. We like the size, and we;re really happy we decided to go with a bigger one. The 88NP is 8feet square. I think its a little less then that actually. The jets in the spa re really strong. I mean like REALLY strong. Especially the jets for the neck and shoulders.

The upkeep is really easy. It came with a special water component that cleans the water while it’s filled up and filters it and all of that. We drain it about twice a year, and clean the filter out a few times a month. We change the filter every time we drain it and clean out the seats and jets. It is really pretty easy. We try to conserve water. The old one we had, we drained the water out about once every two months, cleaned it out, and filled it back up. It took a lot of water and wasted a lot too.

The 88NP spa has worked out great for us, and we’re really happy we’re using it more often now. Sometimes it takes something like this to realize what sort of amaxing things you have right in your home to enjoy… like a beautiful, relaxing, spa!

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    1. The barefoot spas 88NP is the bigger version of the one I have (77NP). Friend of mine has a bunch of kids and was looking at the 88NP like yours. What year is it? And how many jets does it have?

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