Pain pill free and feeling great thanks to Barefoot Spas


Reviewed by: Maurine from Kansas City, MO
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas PB8
Pain pill free and feeling great thanks to Barefoot Spas
Barefoot Spas Review:
My husband and I were looking for a hot tub. We both needed it for medical purpose. I have a disorder that needs massage and hot water to help relax my muscles, and he has a bad back from working as a contractor for most of his life.

We got the Barefoot Spa at the spa and swim spa blowout show last week at the arena downtown. My husband went in by himself and had me on speed dial and speaker phone. The rep we talked to there was very nice and informative. He showed us how we would fit it in our spot, and how the jets are customizable for each of us too. I wanted to include that part because I was not feeling well that day, and I’m glad the salesman was nice enough to talk to me over the phone and answer my questions even though he had to repeat himself a lot because sometimes it takes me a while to understand new things like this.

We’ve had our Barefoot Spa now for a week and my husband has been in there twice a day every day. He’s already feeling better. I’ve only been in it three times and I can also feel an improvement because its given me some pain relief, and any time I can stay away from the brain scrambling pain pills, I’m happy!

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