Problems at first but we love tub


Reviewed by: Sean from Cincinnati, OH
Rating: 4.0
Barefoot Spas 88LP review
barefoot spa 88LP hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Problems at first but love our tub
Barefoot Spas 88LP review
Barefoot 57LP Barefoot Spas 88LP:

Me and my wife use our Barefoot spa every other day at least. The one we have is the barefoot 88LP. We get a lot of use out of it, and we enjoy it very much.

A few weeks after we got the tub, we had problems with it. The pump #2 had a problem because it was making a grinding clicking noise and wouldn’t turn on all the way. They said it was defective pump motor. I had that replaced from the place where I bought it. Barefoot Spas covered that part under warranty. Other than that, no major problems. We love the hot tub.

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