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Reviewed by: Bradley from Tinley Park, IL
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Barefoot Spas 88NP Review
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Barefoot spa model 88NP jets

I am looking for barefoot spa 88np jets for my 2015 barefoot spa. Does anyone know where I can find replacement jets for this model? I looked online and found a few websites that have hot tub jets for sale. However, mine has four different sizes (2,3,4, and 5 inch diameter). Online, I was able to find all the required jets except the big 5 inch. Plus, how do I know they will fit? The websites say “compatible with most hot tub brand jet bodies”. As far as I can tell, the jet body is the hole where you stick the jet? I’m thinking about just ordering them, and returning if they don’t fit, but figured I would check on this forum first to see if anyone has had the same problem…

The 88NP has been great. We’ve had it running non stop for almost 6 years. The jets didn’t start falling out until a month ago. I have no idea what causes this, but I know my kids play with the jets a lot. My teenager always pulls the jets out even though I’ve told him repeatedly not to do that…. teenagers. One website I found online says the jet bodies can appear to be the same size, but the little connector on the inside can be different. I’m a bit lost. Please help!

When I called Barefoot Spas, they said I’m out of the 5 year warranty by 2 months…. of course! They are supposed to be getting back to me about sending me replacement jets direct from their factory. It’s been 2 days and haven’t heard back, so thats why I am looking elsewhere. Any feedback you may have on how to find the right jets, where to buy them, and how to put them in properly would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you all!!!

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  1. I ran in to the same problem. I have really old barefoot spa and the jets would always pop out. I’m surprised barefoot spas is taking so long to get back to you. They let me order my 88NP jets right over the phone and shipped same day. Call them again. Ask for Shawn. He’s the one who took care of my order. They are really nice there.

  2. Thanks Kevin! I called back, and apparently they tried to call me and I didn’t see it. They sent out ALL the jets I need today. They were pretty nice. The guy even told me how I could fix a few of the jets and didn’t have to order as many as I thought. Thank you for your help!

      1. Not sure if you can go online. I got my replacement barefoot spas 88NP jets by calling the manufacturer. I had to pay for shipping, but I just didn’t feel like messing around with searching all over the place and having a jet not fit or something like that.

  3. Sorry I took so long to reply. Hopefully this helps. When we replaced ours they averaged $14 a piece. We only have two type of jets in ours. The small ones were a little less. I think they were $10. Just call them and they’ll take care of you. They will ask you for the serial number of your spa. It will be on your paperwork from when you bought it, or if you’re like me, and you don’t have the paperwork, you can get the serial number off a little sticker on the inside of the panel under the keypad. You have to remove the panel to see the serial number.

  4. I have a 2008 or 2009 barefoot spas 88NP and I have a leak form the back of the jet. I can’t find anyone to work on it. Everyone I call is closed or too busy due to COVID-19. I’m just posting here to see if anyone has experience with fixing this sort of thing. The leak is coming from the back of the jet inside the panel. Its a really slow leak, but the water is pooling up in the bottom. I turned the spa off, so I can repair it. Help!

  5. Sounds like your leak is coming from what they call the “jet body”. It’s the housing where you put the jet. If your barefoot spa is like mine, you can remove the jet and see the hole where the jet goes. My brother had the same sort of thing. His was leaking from the back of the jet body on the inside of the panel. He drained it, and patched it up with some sort of glue, and it stopped the leak.

  6. My leak is coming from the back of the jet too. Its right where the hose with the stripes on it (the thicker pipe), connects to the back of the jet. Any idea what kind of glue he used to patch his up? I really don’t want to hire someone to do this and I feel like I’m really close to figuring this out. Thank you for your help!!!

  7. I fixed the leak! Talked to a plumber, and he said to try epoxy and silicone so I did. I caked it on there real good. It might be a bandaid, but it works for now. We don’t plan to keep this hot tub for more than a year or so. Thank you everyone for your advice!

  8. Ray, the cost to fix a leak in a hot tub varies. Do you know where it is actually leaking? Is it a plumbing line, a component, the structure of the hot tub itself?

  9. I have a repairman scheduled to come out next week. It’s a real slow leak, but I can’t tell where its coming from. The water is pooled up on the bottom of the hot tub on the inside near the guts. I turned the hot tub off so it won’t get ruined.

  10. I heard some of these hot tub repair handyman places take advantage of people with the pricing so be careful. It doesn’t hurt to get more then one opinion! I repaired my leak myself… It took forever to figure it out though.

    1. go to the manufacturer for the 88p jets or any other jets. They have the kind that will fit your specific model. I don’t recommend going to a random website becuase I did that once and they sent the wrong parts. Big waste of time.

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