How to insert filter in barefoot spa?


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How to insert filter in barefoot spa
Barefoot Spas FS11
How to insert filter in barefoot spa?
barefoot spa filter
FS11 hot tub Barefoot Spas FS11:

My hot tub is called the barefoot spas FS11 extra XL size model. We have it cause it came with the new house. Does anyone know how to insert filter in barefoot spa? I got a bunch of other questions too, and that’s why I joined the site. Where do you hook up the hose, and how high you fill it?

The filter goes in there and this floaty plastic piece goes over it. How far does the filter supposed to screw in? The house came with the two extra filters, but we don’t know what we’re doing LOL! Please help!

I know you have to rinse out the filter every now and then. We found a youtube video about that. Only thing is, when we take it out, the filter is hard to screw in and it wobbles all around like it’s not tight in there. How do you screw it on? I will post a picture. We don’t know how to do this.

Then we need to figure out how drain it, and fill it up. Its water is real clean, but we want fresh water in there. And we don’t know how to hook up a hose, and where it goes in the hot tub. It’s the barefoot FS11 model 2019, and thats all we know. The hot tub is really nice and also real big. Its really too big for us. Its just my husband and my daughter. But we don’t wanna buy a new one, and we figured just learn about this one and how to do it. If you guys know some pointers for us, remember we are brand new to this!

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  1. Ok, so you’re asking how to insert a filter in barefoot spa? It should be very easy… that is if you have the right filter. And what i mean by that is the right threads on the filter. One time, I ordered some cheap filters online for my barefoot spa, and I couldn’t screw them in. The filter was barely in there and it wobbled around with the water current (sounds like what you are experiencing). If you have the right barefoot spas filter, it should screw in and be tight and snug. You shouldn’t have to force it! If you find yourself forcing to screw it in, get new filters. DO you still have the one that was in there already? Get the part number off that one, and order that exact same filter. Good luck!

  2. My husband says you’re right! It’s the wrong filter we’ve been trying to get in there! It’s just like you said. It doesn’t really screw in and it wobbles around like it ain’t working right. He got the part number off the old barefoot spas filter. We went to the pool shop and they don’t have that filter for barefoot spa. Where you go to get your filters? Thank you for your help Joseph. You’re a sweetheart and we are trying to learn over here!


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