I will never refer Barefoot Spas to anyone… ever!


Reviewed by: Bret and Cindy from Monroeville, PA
Rating: 1.0
Barefoot Spas PL8


I will never refer Barefoot Spas to anyone… ever!
Barefoot Spas is one of the most unreliable companies ever. I ordered a hot tub from their factory, and they promised they would have it to me in 8-10 weeks. Every time I’ve ordered something like this, it never takes as long as they say it will. When I ordered my custom closet, they said 4-6 weeks, and it only took 2 weeks, so why did it take over 8 weeks to get my hot tub?!!!

I was very disappointed with Barefoot Spas. I had a family reunion planned at my house, and used this as a deadline. I wanted to enjoy the hot tub with my entire family. It would’ve been a huge hit, I know it. We had almost 20 people here, and the spa would’ve gotten tons of use, but those plans fell short because the spa took 2 days past 8 weeks to get here!!!! I’m never doing business with Barefoot Spas again.

The worst part is, I called almost every week for an update, and every time they assured me, that the hot tub was right on schedule. The customer service is horrible. All I asked is for them to give me an update on my order. Can’t they do this like at least every other day or so? I invested a lot of money, and was very thorough, and called them I don’t know how many times, and still the spa showed up three days past the maximum time allowance! If you’re on a tight schedule (who isn’t these days?), then do not deal with these people! When I pay this kind of money for something, I expect it to be delivered exactly when they say it will be delivered at time of purchase! No one ever takes the full amount of time they say they will… except Barefoot! If you order a hot tub from this company, I hope your patient, and you better be flexible on the delivery time. I’m not flexible, I’m a busy person, and I will never refer Barefoot Spas to anyone… ever!

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