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Reviewed by: Robert from Boston, MA
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Barefoot spas FS8 to SS17

We own the barefoot SS17 SS series swim spa which we purchased recently. We love it! We went with the SS17 becuase we started small and worked our way up.

In July of 2010, we bought the Barefoot spas Fitness spa FS8 series from Barefoot spas at a home show at the convention center. Every since we bought it, I can’t help thinking how we should’ve spent the extra money and purchased a full size swim spa. Now, its been 10 years, and we decided to upgrade to to the bigger SS17. The bigger size is fantastic. Almost as good as the upgrade of the functionality!

We did love our FS8, but it was just too small. My wife used it for some time. It was after she had her back surgery and wanted to do physical therapy and light stretches. She even had her physical therapist over here to help a few times at eh beginning. It was fantastic for that. I have hip problems and same thing. Huge help in mobility and flexibility.

Now we have the SS17, and what a huge difference! Her smiles grow bigger and bigger every day. That is enough for me to say it’s worth it 🙂 We both are still doing our stretches and light exercises, but the options really opened up as far as other things we can do in the spa with our routines. I’ve never been in to swimming in my life, but now even I’ve started to enjoy it, and even I’ve started to smile! My wife is swimming almost like a pro! Hard to imagine just 10 years ago, she was having trouble walking, and getting around the house!! Now she’s a regular swimmer, she has higher energy levels, and we are both in a great mood day in and day out. Life is good!

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    1. I’m sure she does. All the swim spa commercials I see, they do all sorts of swim techniques, and the freestyle is the most popular swim stroke isn’t it?

  1. Yes, we both use it for swimming. My wife is more in to it than I am, and we are at different levels for sure. For me, it took some getting used to, but now I enjoy it. For her, she jumped right in and started swimming!

    I keep the current on a medium level. My wife does the same kind of interval training you’re talking about where she does light to heavy cardio. Hope this helps! If you’re really considering the barefoot SS17, just do it. Our swim spa has been great for us and our kids. we love it!

  2. Hello from Florida! We also recommend the barefoot spas SS17! As former pool owners, we can tell you the swim spa is a cinch to take care of. More time swimming, less time making my hubby clean it 🙂

  3. Thank you for the feedback. We ended up going with the barefoot spas SS17 swim spa! We got it delivered yesterday. My wife is excited to say the least. Me too! Electrician coming out tomorrow morning. How long does it take to fill it up with water?

  4. It takes a really long time to fill it up! We never timed it exactly, but its a few hours. Also, our water pressure isn’t the greatest. Just count on it taking a while.

    Really important, You have to fill it up through where the filter goes.. Like take the filter out, and put the hose in there. I read if you don’t do it like that, it can mess up the pump.

  5. I’m sorry if this question was already answered on another feed. Why does my barefoot spa come with first aid chemical kit if it has the oznonator? Isn’t the ozonator supposed to remove the chemicals? Are we supposed to add this stuff from the box to the water? I did a test strip and it says the PH is low, but just by a little bit… Thanks in advance.

  6. I called barefoot spas customer service and I also did a lot of research on this. The Ozonator should do most of the work for you. If when you first fill it, the water PH is low or high. You can adjust with the PH up or down in the first aid kit. That’s what we did because our water source comes in a little high on the PH. After I adjusted the PH properly, the ozonator maintains that level. I would try that before adding anything else. I also read if you were to leave the spa alone and let the ozonator work on the spa water for a few days, it would even everything out, but I didn’t want to wait a few days, and Im sure you don’t either!

  7. Mine has the ozonator. I do not put a lot of chemicals in it, but it depends on how much I use it. If its just me (99% of the time) I average about 2 tablespoons of chlorine shock a week. I found this to be a good balance. If I have guests, I usually just shock it right away… just because!

  8. Just throw a little shock in once a week or if the waters cloudy. I can always tell when the ozonator on my barefoot s17 swim spa needs a little boost when the water is cloudy. So, once a week or if the water gets cloudy or murky like. I’m with hannah, we don’t put much in ours, but after we have guests I always throw in a little extra… or when teenagers are in it

  9. The barefoot spas ss17 swim spa is great for all the swimming we do. We aren’t pros at it, but we do a few different strokes in there. Breast stroke, freestyle… Im trying to learn how to do a butterfly

  10. Hi Judy… Don’t feel bad! I had this same question before we bought ours! The barefoot spas SS17 is made for all swim strokes, and all swimming levels. From what I learned, the only restrictions are when you get to smaller swim spas because there may not be enough length to do a freestyle stroke for example. The SS17 if huge, and lots of power! Hope this helps…

  11. Thanks, I was trying to figure if it was wide enough to do a breast stroke… Sounds like it is. I know the length would be a non issue. Have you ever tried that type of swim in the barefoot spas SS17?

  12. Yes, I do the breast stroke, but I’m not very good at it. That’s because I’m not an experienced swimmer. My wife does the breast stroke often. I bet it really depends on the person too, but she loves sign that one from time to time. I’ll have to get her on here to give you some more detailed feedback.

  13. What about SS15. Is that the same room and space as barefoot spas SS17? Like is it the same room available in there for the types of swimming you can do in it?

  14. I looked at the pictures of the one you said, and it looks a lot different form the barefoot spas s17. I guess they have new models and old models now so it’s a little hard to tell. What series did you look at for the barefoot swim spa? The one I found online looks like it has a lot more seats. Its also only 15 feet, not 17 feet like the SS17. I’m guessing that translates to less room for swimming? Seems logical enough…

  15. I see what you mean about the size. Plus, the barefoot spa SS17 has fewer seats on the hot tub side, and that means even more room right? Also, have you ever kicked your feet on the seats? Like when you’re swimming in the SS17. Do your feet ever hit the hot tub seats? Seems like that would hurt…

  16. I know what your saying. Neither my wife or I have ever liked the seats. I was worried about the same thing. At first you feel like you will, but you don’t, at least I never have. I will need to ask my wife, but Im pretty sure she hasn’t either.

  17. You don’t like the seats? Was that a typo? Were you trying to say you never KICK seats? I’m sure that was it. Can’t see why anyone would not like a hot tub seat LOL!

  18. LOL!!! Yes, we LOVE the seats! Def a typo! We’ve never KICKED the seats is what I meant to say.

    I’m sure its possible, but we’ve never had a problem with that.

  19. how long does it take to heat up the water in a swim spa? Like with the barefoot spas SS17 model does it take a long time to go from say 80 degrees to really hot like a hot tub?

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