Swim spa and HOA


Reviewed by: Raymond from Jersey City, NJ
Rating: 5.0
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Swim spa and HOA
After a few days of researching around, we decided the barefoot spas SS17/Spania 17 was the best for us. My fiancé and I have very different goals in mind with the product, and it was crucial we found something we can both use to reach our goals. She is a swimmer. She has been her entire life, and she is quite good at it too 🙂 The problem is we do NOT have the space for a pool, and even if we did have the space, our HOA does not allow. Unfortunately, we overlooked this information when we bought the home.

I’ll go over some details on that in just a minute, but first I want to explain how this swim spa is perfect for us. So, I don’t like swimming. I never have. I understand the benefits, I get it, but I just prefer to run and row to get my cardio. I have a home gym I use regularly, and I really have everything covered in terms of my fitness regimen. What I did want, was a hot tub! And this is the really cool part about the barefoot swim spa is that we use it as both a hot tub and a lap pool! I have not sawm in it once. Never even tried it. Maybe I will one day, but my main focus has been in the water massage seats, etc. I get in after a workout, or after a play basketball. It works wonders on the soreness of muscles post workout. It really is amazing.

Now I want to explain the HOA issue. They say in our bi-laws that we are not allowed to have a pool… period, but technically a pool is a device that is permanently attached to the home or the property. (like an above ground or in ground pool). swim spas are certified portable! They ARE NOT attached to my home or property permanently. In fact, the only thing that attaches is the electrical connection. We will bring this spa with us when we move one day if that give you a better idea.

Once this was explained to my HOA, and we gave them proof that the cover locks with a key, the agreed that it is in fact NOT a pool, and furthermore, not fence required! We are going to put a fence in anyway for the dogs, but it’s nice to know we did not need to do that as part of this project. If anyone has questions about HOA, feel free to contact me on here. I just went through all of that, and my HOA is pretty strict. I can help you out as a good deed if you’re having the same problems we were. Don’t give up!

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