Reviewed by: Vince from Killeen, TX
Rating: 4.5
barefoot spas 57LP
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Barefoot Spas 57LP
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This is our first hot tub, and we really like it, but after making the investment, we didn’t guess we would need to call the barefoot spa warranty number. I didn’t guess we would have something wrong with it being all brand new, but only 2 months after set up, the breaker kept tripping over and over.

I tried everything on my end first. Then I called the barefoot spas warranty number, and I got all the way to talk to someone that works at the factory named Ian. He told me I could either fix it myself with him walking me through the steps over the phone, or I had to wait up to 2 weeks to get a tech out to the house and fix it. Something about because of covid, the wait times are real long. Same with everything these days it seems…

I decided to give it a go, and turns out, we have a bad breaker in the disconnect box. Nothing wrong with the hot tub. Just my electrician (my brother in-law) didn’t know what he was doing! I got em back over here, and sure enough, a new breaker installed had us back in business.

Point is, I must’ve called Ian at barefoot spas warranty a hundred times, and one time, we were on the phone for every bit of an hour! Im not happy to have the trouble, but really happy barefoot spa worked it out with me in figuring out the issue. 2 weeks is too long a wait. My wife needs the spa for medical reasons. Thanks to Ian, we got it done!

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