Barefoot spas spa shock directions?


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Barefoot spas spa shock directions?

My wife and I are experienced with hot tubs and chemicals. We are on our third spa (second barefoot spa), and this is the best one we’ve had by far. Loaded with jets, looks amazing, and feels even better, but what we can’t figure out is how to use the barefoot spas spa shock. Looking for a little help over here or maybe just some friendly advice?

While we are not new to hot tubs, we are new to hot tub ozonators which is what we have in ours currently. From what I’ve researched, there are a hundred different kinds of ozonators. I don’t see any directions on chlorine use with the ozonator. They told me I wouldn’t have to put much of the barefoot spas spa shock, but what does that mean exactly? I wish someone would explain this to me thoroughly so I can take the guess work out of it because right now, I am just tossing some in there every time I use it once we are done. Am I using too much? I will up about half the cap full. The cap is about the size of a large Gatorade bottle cap. I fill it half way up with granules, and throw it in there. Seems to be doing the job, but I’m just worried maybe that’s something I really shouldn’t be doing? How can I tell?

The directions on the barefoot spas spa shock say shock the water upon filling it up, then regularly after that. What does “regularly” mean, and how do I adjust for use in conjunction with an ozonator. We have the 2 part “barefoot spas ozo” system that combines the use of ozone gas, and the UV sterilizer for an extra layer of sanitization. So, what do we do? DO I keep adding this stuff?

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  1. I want to know the same thing. We can’t figure out how much barefoot spas spa shock to put in there. We have an ozonator as well. Someone help us please!

    1. That still doesn’t tell me how much barefoot spas shock to use? I mean, is it the type of thing where you just put it in when the water is cloudy and that’s all?

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