Hot tub spa purchase


Reviewed by: Peter from Longview, TX
Rating: 5.0
spa by barefoot hot tub 88NP
Spa review 88LM
Barefoot Spas 88NP
Hot tub spa purchase
hot tub
barefoot spa Barefoot Spas 88NP:

I went to the hot tub show at the convention center and brought my swim trunks. THey let me get in a couple hot tubs there. Once I found the barefoot spa 88NP, I was sold! As soon as I sat in it, I knew it was perfect for me.

It’s been 6 months now since I purchased, and everything is running great. I still use it all the time. the massage jets are amazing especially the ones for the neck and top of my shoulders. I was needing the therapy and massage. I waited too long for this, and I knew it. The hot tub has become a highlight to my every day! If I had to, I would do this whole thing the exact same way. Loving this hot tub!

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