Barefoot spas dealers near me?


Reviewed by: Jason from Huntersville, NC
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Barefoot Spas dealers near me
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Barefoot Spas 57LP
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Barefoot spas dealers near me?

Anybody know where I can find a barefoot spas dealer near me? I live north of Charlotte, NC, and we bought the hot tub at the Park expo center downtown from one of those traveling trade shows. I want to see if anyone knows a barefoot spas dealer near me where I can get some supplies and ask some questions? It doesn’t need to be right next door to me. In other words, I can drive a reasonable distance if I can drop in and talk to someone.

Maybe someone can help on here? Here’s my deal. The wife and I purchase the barefoot spas 57LP last year. It’s the 2 person one. The hot tub is fantastic, and we love it! Only problem is the cover needs to be replaced. My german shepherd (puppy) decided to turn it in to a chew toy! He put a series of little holes in the sides and top of the cover with his teeth and claws. I know it sounds badm but he’s just a puppy. Now when it rains, the moisture gets stuck in there, and the cover ways I would guess 100 pounds. Not easy to lift; especially not for my wife. She’s 5’2″.

Can someone help us find a dealer? I want a new cover and we need to look at some other stuff for the tub to add to it. We like the side bar thing you can add like we saw online but everyones out of stock. Also, when we get the new cover, we wanna get one of those cover valet things that lift up the cover and prop it up on the side. Same problem with that. We can’t find anything online reasonably priced. Thank you for your time!


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  1. The way I understood it when i bought mine (at the same convention type of sale where you bought yours), is they don’t have many dealers. I know their aren’t any barefoot spas dealers near me because I asked about it at time of purchase. I live in pittsburgh. I don’t think they have any in Pennsylvania at all. Not sure about North Carolina. I know that probably isn’t the answer you were looking for but good luck!

    1. We found our hot tub from the barefoot spa factory. They had a bunch of hot tubs stacked up on top of each other. I don’t know if that is considered a barefoot spas dealer… I guess so?

      1. No. The factory is not a dealer. It is a factory! Ina traditional supply chain, a product moves form the manufacturer (in this case barefoot spas factory), to a wholesale distributor, then to a dealer or retailer. From what I can gather, barefoot spas does this a little different, but still. A factory is not a dealer!

        1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

          We do factory direct events occasionally from the factory where an appointment is required, but other than that, we do not sell direct to the public from our factory. If you are looking for a barefoot spas dealer or retailer, contact us, and we will look up the closest option for you.

          1. We got ours from the pool and billiards store. Later we had a problem with the keypad not working, so a guy from the factory came out and fixed it. We want one for our beach house. The place where we bought it is no longer in business. Since we got the service tech’s card, can we buy direct form the factory?

            1. ***Response from Barefoot Spas***

              You can only buy direct form us at our factory if we are hosting a factory sale. Otherwise, you will need to go through a retailer or wholesaler. Thank you.

      2. If someone is selling something, they are considered a retailer or dealer…. PERIOD. You CANNOT buy form a wholesaler or a distributor. It is not possible. They may also work as wholesalers or distributor, but the moment you actually complete a transaction with that entity, regardless of what they call themselves, they are then considered a dealer/retailer of that product!!!!!

        1. I don’t know. We bought a mattress from a factory direct mattress store. The guy said he works for the factory. Isn’t that different?

    1. I bought mine at a hot tub show. I know they have dealers too becuase my cousin bought one at a store.. Thats what you mean by dealers right? Like are they in retail stores?

      They told me they host a lot of hot tub shows. Pretty sure they do one every weekend….

  2. I looked for a barefoot spas dealer near me when I bought mine. my dad recommended the brand. He bought his at a show, and that’s where I bought mine too. I have no idea where their deals are, but they are a pretty big manufacturer so I’m sure they do have some. Isn’t there something on the website where you can go to find a dealer?

    1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

      We have retailers in most states. Contact us if you are looking for the barefoot spas dealer nearest you.

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