Barefoot spas 88lp maintenance


Reviewed by: Jeff from Austin, TX
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88lp hot tub review
barefoot spa 88lp hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88lp
Barefoot spas 88lp maintenance
Barefoot Spas maintenance issue
Barefoot warranty Barefoot Spas 88LP:
I bought the barefoot spa 88LP in 2017, and for 3 years in my backyard, it has run perfectly. The spa is designed to run constantly, and to be low maintenance. I am here to tell you that the 88LP is VERY low maintenance. The spa water is purified consistently, and the temp is maintained at the perfect level of our choosing with little effort.

The machine has run the entire time except for when I’ve drained it about once a year of course. This draining and cleaning process has been a relief compared to our old hot tub that we had to drain the water out 3-4 times a year and clean the seating area each time. Thanks to our shell made form a special antimicrobial material where bacteria and such do not adhere to the surface, cleaning often just isn’t necessary. I did not believe this at first (Im the one who drained and cleaned out my old one), but my wife is a registered nurse and she swore by the antimicrobial concept. Turns out she was right, and the special shell alone has been a cause for far less maintenance. We definitely recommend getting a spa with the antimicrobial surface. I’m not sure if all Barefoot spas have this, but I know ours does because I remember the salesman talking about it and it says so in the owners manual.

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