Review of barefoot spa


Reviewed by: Joan from Tyler, TX
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot 88LP
Review of barefoot spa
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Review of barefoot spa hot tub

Review of barefoot spa
I had a wonderful experience with this company, so here’s my review of barefoot spa.

We learned about a sale at the convention center in Dallas so we drove in, and we bough one that day. First place we looked, and it’s the first one I walked up to. It was the best one barefoot spas makes, and it probably still is. I remember my salesman joking and saying “Maam you have good taste becuase you walked right up to the most expensive and nicest one we have in this whole room”. It’s a P series model and check it out becuase it has really goo reviews about mine everywhere!

After I bought it, I kinda regretted it, just becuase it was a lot of money to spend on a luxury item, but now, I’m really happy. This is why I want to make sure I write a barefoot spa review. We love it. It’s been running strong now for about 3 years. No Problems as of yet. We are very very happy with this model of hot tub.

Just a few days ago, I got a courtesy call from barefoot spa. It was about my purchase I made over 3 years ago. The girl on the phone was just asking If I had any questions and if I was happy with my hot tub? I got it three years ago! I couldn’t believe it, but anyway I AM really happy with the hot tub, and surprised and happy they decided to give me a call and follow up after all this time. Really nice girl, and great American made company based right down the street from my old neighborhood in Virginia!

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  1. Thank you for the review. So they said the 88LP is the best hot tub by barefoot spas? Like your salesman said that, or you found that online somewhere?

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