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Reviewed by: Joe from Atlanta, GA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88LP Review
88LP Hot Tub
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Very Knowledgable
88LP reviews
Barefoot Spas model 88LP Reviews Barefoot Spas model 88LP Review:
I bought a Barefoot Spas model 88LP. I knew nothing about spas other than I wanted one. I went to the show and met Tim Daly. He answered all of my questions and even brought up several things I would never have thought of. He made me feel comfortable and confident with my purchase. I am really happy I got a chance to meet him. If all of Barefoot Spas representatives are as good as Tim, there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Now about the hot tub. We love it! The Barefoot Spas model 88LP is 8 foot square with 70 something jets, a lay down seat, a shoulder massage seat, and room to seat 6 people. I have a family of 5; My wife, and my three daughters. I have yet to get all 4 of my girls in there at once, but my wife and two teenaged daughters all got in there the other night and there was still plenty of room. Everyone loves the spa. These days quality time with family is so important. Oh, and they can’t be on their phones when their in the water!

I had to call Tim this morning because my daughter posted a thing on Facebook about our hot tub. We all took a picture before we got in it the other night, and now her friend’s family wants to buy one. Tim told me I could give out his number, so we’ll see! I told hime we should get a discount on our next hot tub now! Tim is a great guy, and Barefoot spas is the quality. I am very happy everything has worked out.

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